About Us

My name is Penny. Since completing my Chef training at Colchester Institute, I have worked for several years in a highly acclaimed local fine dining restaurant and more recently a very busy and large scale modern coffee shop. My wish has always been to have my own business where I can cook food for others to enjoy.

Pantry 61 is very much a family concern, I have my mum, Beverley, who assists in the shop and helps in the kitchen as required and my dad, Tim, and brother George (who built the building) are always on hand if I need them, and you can be sure if something needs taste testing, they will be there!

Last but certainly not least, my grandma, Maureen, who I started cooking with at a very young age, (in fact I had to use steps to reach the work top) and she made me fall in love with cooking.

We hope you like browsing through the sample photos of some of our tasty cakes and desserts and we very much look forward to your custom.